“Wow! This blog and book  changed the way my family looked at and assessed colleges for my high school junior.  This is one source that gets to the heart of what to look for, how to evaluate and why details I didn’t even know about matter.  We’ve used it for phase 1 of the college search and will definitely use it when my son is getting ready to go to college. Great!!!” - Kathy TX



“Talk about the devil being in the details—this blog will save you hours of angst and guide you through a minefield I didn’t even know existed.” - Jeff OR



“Who knew that there was even a right way to get your child off to college?  Well, because of this website, I now know…and I’m glad I found it in time!” - Michelle NY



“Tips, lists, wisdom—this book has it all for getting your child off to college.”  - Samantha CO



“I work and this blog has been a godsend!  I don’t have time to explore the do’s and don’ts for getting my child off to college.  The material in this book gave me the peace of mind to know that my child would not suffer because I don’t have the time to spend executing a plan for his college move.  All I need to know is right here.  Thanks, College Straight Ahead!” - Megan TX



“There is nothing out there like it! College Straight Ahead is a necessity!” - Bill LA



“I wish I had known about this blog when my first two children were getting ready to go to college” - Sally TN



"Now I know why I was so stressed getting my child moved in to college, I didn’t have THIS book!” - Tina OK



"A must-have for every parent sending a child off to college!" - Amanda NM



"I never understood what was involved in sending my son off to college until I found this website.  It's fantastic!" - Ann WI



Is your child going off to college? If so, join us for everything you'll need to know!

This is your information hub for what it takes to get our college bound kids successfully off to their new schools, well prepared in every practical way for their new environments.

There are so many important things that we parents can do to help guide and support the process!

Three of us -- moms who are good friends -- had the experience of sending our oldest children off to college, and we were really surprised at how much more it involved than we had anticipated! We worked hard, discovered lots of things no one had told us, confronted numerous surprises, made our mistakes by the basketful, and learned more about the process than we ever could have imagined!

This website and blog are our way of keeping you from going CRAZY in this time of stress and excitement by sharing with you what we’ve learned, and asking what you're learning. We want to hear from YOU!

Two of us are the primary bloggers, we'll engage guest bloggers, and the third of the group will be working behind the scenes so that we’re all able to connect up with you and be of help as you face the challenges and wonderful opportunities of College Straight Ahead!

We'll also be putting up other great information, in addition to the blog. So come back often to see what's new!

Our blog topics will be changing throughout the year, as your needs do.

We'll be blogging about all the things that relate to getting your child off to college well prepared for what lies ahead. And, as you know, there is a yearly cycle of concerns that sequentially dominate your attention as the parent of a college bound high school senior. We'll have lots for you parents of juniors, too. There is no better time than now to get a sneak peek at what's up ahead for you!

In line with the yearly cycle of concerns for the college bound, we'll be blogging at any given time on mostly the demands of that period. In March, we talk about waiting for those acceptance decisions, and maybe how to deal with the famous psychology of "senioritis."

In April, we write primarily on college acceptances and how we can be helpful to our children as they sometimes struggle to make the decisions that face them. We'll give advice about everything from emotions and strategies to useful tips and the wisdom of the ages you can draw on now.

Then in May, we focus on what comes next. There are deadlines and duties and more things to think about than you can imagine!

During the summer, we coach you through important phone calls and take you shopping! We'll help you get everything thought through that your child will need in order to be placed with a good roommate, get set up for the dorm room or other college housing, collect the many supplies that will be needed for this time away from home, and meet all those deadline dates while making all the campus contacts that need to be dealt with in a timely manner.

If at any given time we're not yet talking about something that's on your mind, shoot us a comment, and we'll get on it! We're here for you!

Your Thoughts Are Important to us!

We depend on you! Share your wisdom with us! Register and comment on our blogs! We want to "crowd source" your insights and concerns for this most important life transition. Comment frequently, and with wild abandon! We will always depend on our secret weapon - YOU!

Life Straight Ahead

College Straight ahead is the first of the Life Straight Ahead blogs, all geared toward bringing the most helpful wisdom of the past and present to bear on the central life challenges, opportunities, and transitions we face in this world.

Our Mission And Purpose Involve You.

It’s our mission to share with you the best of what we’ve discovered, and ask for your insights and questions as you live and learn. It’s our purpose and hope to engage the collective wisdom of our readers as well as of our primary bloggers. Your comments here are as important as ours! So jump in and join Plato, Aristotle, Confucius, Lao Tsu, and our regular bloggers. Comment and share your thoughts!

We need you to help us think it all through as we prepare for, respond to, interpret, and find the best ways to succeed at the next stages of Life Straight Ahead!

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"Science is organized knowledge.

             Wisdom is organized life."

                             - Immanuel Kant


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